The Red word is a 6 Month training designed to ...

* Unlock your voice
* Tap into your creative power
* Develop a strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle 

This is a prerequisite program to be in the artist collective.

How it works: 

Over this 6 month period, we will meet weekly over video conferencing to develop vocal ability, explore movement techniques, learn about lifestyle hacking and move through our moduals of embodying our artist self.  Each memeber will pick a personal project which we will break down into micro goals and declair what marks of success they wish to hit. The program will be broken up into 3 moduals, Unlock, Activate, Embody. Utilizing the accountability of the group as well as pooling resources, contacts and following we will amplify our reach and leverage our success.

Runs June - Nov

*Artists can participate from anywhere in the world.

This Activation is for you if…
You desire to have a supportive community around you to accelerate your ability to show up for your art
You want to make your art your career
You feel like your true voice has been silenced in the past and you are ready to speak your truth
You write poems, come up with melodies, and channel ideas but haven’t polished the gems
You desire to complete an original body of music, a video project or a defined dream
You need an outlet of expression, and are wanting to cultivate your creative playground
You know your talent, and desire to create piece of art that truely demonstrates your abilities
You know you have a powerful message in your soul and are ready to share that with the world
You are ready to up-level at an accelerated pace
You desire to develop healthy lifestyle practices that can support your personal uplevel

Click here to apply to be a part of The Red Word

~ Your potential is calling ~